The District Galleria

An urban oasis set to redefine the downtown White Plains landscape.

The District Galleria aims to set a new standard for modern urban living by emphasizing nature, community, and sustainability. This innovative project will not only enrich the lives of its residents but also become a vibrant destination for the broader community, fostering a sense of unity and well-being in the heart of White Plains. District Galleria is where the urban landscape and the natural world harmoniously coexist, creating a truly unique and desirable place to call home or visit.

Embrace A World of Greenery

An oasis for all to enjoy.

With 46% dedicated open space, The District Galleria prioritizes the outdoors and greenery to provide an enriched living environment for residents, visitors and the public. With a 1,200-foot (¼-mile long) garden promenade, the public will enjoy pocket parks, plazas, dog parks, residential rooftop gardens, outdoor event spaces, and public art to link the surrounding neighborhoods.

Unveil the Future of Living

The District Galleria will feature seven cutting-edge designed buildings that seamlessly blend green technology with residents’ every need. Elevating living with retail, fitness, a neighborhood grocery store, and gourmet dining, we’ve curated an urban oasis of endless possibilities focusing on energy, efficiency, and sustainability all in the heart of Downtown White Plains.

A Vibrant Hub of Entertainment and Experience

Daily community events such as farmers markets, live music, art exhibits, outdoor movie nights, holiday experiences, and more will enhance a sense of belonging and connection among residents and visitors.

Join us on the Journey to
The District Galleria