Art at District Galleria

As we embark on this transformative journey, collaboration with our local artists is of paramount importance. Together, we are excited to embrace community art that beautifies our construction site and enriches the local culture. We are thrilled to unveil our partnership with two Westchester artists, ArtsWestchester and Katie Reidy.

Katie Reidy
Katie Reidy, a versatile artist and educator in Ossining, has had an inspiring career in illustration, graphic design, entrepreneurship, and muralism. For nearly two years at Galleria White Plains, Katie turned a vacant space into a vibrant art studio, showcasing her “This Heart Contains” line of custom clothing. Her impactful presence inspired budding artists and fashion enthusiasts. During her tenure, Katie painted three murals, transforming dull spaces into lively attractions, captivating shoppers and encouraging engagement. As a muralist, Katie’s work, known for its deep and whimsical style, has reached across states and internationally, conveying messages of hope and understanding. Commissioning Katie for the former Galleria White Plains mall exterior mural aligned with the project’s vision to bridge the “past” and “future,” exemplified by her whimsical, cheerful creation.

Construction Beautification Project

For over five decades, ArtsWestchester has been the beating heart of Westchester County’s vibrant arts community. Founded in 1965, it proudly stands as the largest private not-for-profit arts council in New York State. Their mission is to forge an inclusive, equitable, and dynamic Westchester County where the arts are an integral part of everyday life.

With a rich and enduring history of collaboration with ArtsWestchester, District Galleria found it not only fitting but imperative that this partnership continue as the center transitions into its next exciting phase. Our commitment to delivering unique and inspiring art to the Westchester community remains unwavering, and our continued alliance with ArtsWestchester ensures that this legacy of artistic enrichment endures.